Our Safety Plan

Staff entering the building

All staff of MVD must sign in and fill out symptom checker each day in the daily log book.  We will keep these in a binder in case we need to review.  These will be handed in at the end of the week to Tricia.  All staff will “scrub in” Staff will have scrubs and shoes in office to change in to and change out of before leaving the building.  These scrubs can be are to be washed on-site or (alternatively as per request of individual staff members, may be) taken home in a sealed bag to wash at employee’s residence.


Prior to patients coming into the office

Patients are triaged over the phone with questionnaire from BCDA regarding Covid-19 (see attached) and the clinical note placed in pts Dentrix chart.

All paper work sent electronically so no contact with patient is needed by admin.  Financials done at this time, not at the time of appointment.  (forms attached to document) we will ask the patient to wear a mask if they have one. Not mandatory.



Changes made in administration office

Entrance- The doors will be locked to the public at all times, patients will text when they arrive and the clinical provider will come out, we contact pt when we want them to approach the door unlock the door and triage patient again to ensure no changes from screening.  CDA/ Hygienist will relay information to admin and they will write in to pt chart.   Clinical will disinfect the door handles etc as they go through the waiting area with patients. MVD has installed a sanitizing station where patients are required to disinfect hands when they enter the practice and the again prior to leaving the Op.

Waiting room- Closed at this time.  Chairs have been separated in waiting room 2 meters, for when waiting room re-opens.

Reception area- Plexi-glass has been installed at 3 desks, middle desk is closed at this time to ensure 2 meter distance is implemented with front end staff members (Reception seating is all about 7 feet apart).  Hand antiseptic placed at each workstation.  Workstations/ phones etc not to be shared throughout the day by reception, each team member to sanitize station after shift is over with cavi-wipes and chair sprayed by disinfectant.  2 interac machines at separate desks in case needed for transactions.  Printer is in the middle of desks and can be accessed by both receptionists.  Admin will have available PPE if they need to leave their stations (for pt interaction)

All Covid-19 signage is posted (laminated) for patients and staff.

All magazines, toys, coffee stations etc have been removed from office.

Floor markers for 2 meter distance have been placed in the appropriate places.

Business Office- Desks have been moved to 2 meters apart occupancy is 2 in this area.  Each desk has phone computer etc, that staff who are using station is to wipe down with disinfectant after use.  Spray chair.  Hand antiseptic is on both desks. 

Paperwork- All paper work will go electronically in office and to our patients using email/docusign etc.  Claims will get submitted electronically as well for patients.  Payments will be taken via credit card prior to appointments to ensure no contact, for same day transactions we will have tap on interact machine as well as the machine wrapped in protective plastic.

Cleaning-  Door knobs , door handles, light switches etc will be disinfected in the admin office area once every 2 hours. There are 6 doors and 6 sets of light switches to disinfect.  This includes the bathroom in the waiting area.  Remove garbage from your workstation each day.    

Bathroom in waiting area as well as outside door and foyer door by admin wearing proper PPE.

Work Schedule- We will have max 2 admin in at one time, (plus business area, office management duties as required during phase 2) lunches to be staggered by the 2 admin that are working at the same time. Either leave office or lunch in Tricia’s downstairs office (clinical will not be using this area for lunch). If you are not scheduled to work that day you do not come into the office

Delivery Drivers- must log in (log book is at the back door) when dropping off deliveries, they will sign our name and leave promptly.


All staff has reviewed the Return to Practice Office Manual put out by the BCDA as well as the Mountain View Dental Return to work Manual


We will strictly adhere to the following documents:






In addition to standard infection prevention and control (IPAC) guidelines and adhering to the COVID-19 allied health care provider IPAC guidelines we are implementing:

  • Full face shields for all clinical staff

  • Custom fit mask frames for improved fit of level 3 masks

  • Surgical gowns when available

  • Reduced staff- maximum clinical staff of 2 dentists, 2 hygienists, 3 assistants at any time

  • Upgraded HVE system

  • Pre-treatment oral rinse for patients

  • Utilizing rubber dam for isolation whenever possible

  • Deferral of high risk patients whenever possible

  • Judicious provision of non-essential dental treatment

  • Ongoing communication with local health authority and physicians to determine community risk

June 8th 2020