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Our dentists in Fernie offer dentures to replace missing teeth, leaving you with a natural-looking smile that helps you to eat and speak with confidence.

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Dentures, Fernie Dentist

Fill Gaps in Your Smile with Dentures

If oral health issues or an accident has left you with only a few healthy teeth, or no healthy teeth at all, your dentist may recommend dentures to fill the gaps.

Dentures are dental prosthetic devices that are often referred to as 'false teeth'. By filling the gaps in your smile, dentures can help you maintain your facial profile and support proper eating and speech patterns. They also support the gums and jaw which can prevent facial muscles from sagging, making you appear older.

It's important to replace missing teeth to preserve long-term oral health. If you are missing some or all of your natural teeth, your dentist can assess your situation and determine if dentures are right for you.

Types of Dentures

Whether you require dentures to replace one missing tooth, multiple teeth in a row, or your whole jaw, your dentist can recommend a treatment option to suit your specific needs.

Why Dentures May Be Used

Filling a gap left by missing teeth is essential to long-term oral health. Dentures can keep your remaining teeth from shifting, which may also prevent more serious problems such as gum disease.

If you lose all of your teeth, your facial muscles may sag as a result, which can make you look older. Dentures can fill out your facial profile. They are designed to closely resemble your natural teeth and gums, so that the appearance of your smile will not change much. 

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